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Test Automation

Test Automation

Using the successful Abcedo’s Test Automation Framework we will work with you to help identify the scope and deliver a solution using best of breed tools to maximize the return on investment.

Our highly skilled consultants will not only create but also maintain and execute the automation suite as required by you on demand or at planned frequencies.


Used effectively test automation can reduce testing costs and schedules. Too often, however, automation fails.

The successful Abcedo Test Automation Framework enables you to deliver a solution that demonstrates the true benefits of test automation and the associated return on investment.


If you have labour intensive tasks on your system carried out by your team why not consider automating them.

Abcedo has successfully deployed a number of business process automation solutions over the years for large blue-chip companies. The cost savings are staggering not to mention the benefits of increased processing volumes and tasks carried out quicker.

Test Automation and Performance

Abcedo Technologies is an authorized Value Added Re seller for Smart Bear software and an official solutions partner of the Borland Silk Portfolio of test automation tools in Ireland.


Test automation can be positive when utilised to build automated regression suites of functional test cases which can be run quickly to give timely results and provide continuous regression.

Testing tools can be implemented to verify Web Services, Databases etc. long before a User Interface is available. While powerful and effective, continuous automated regression only holds true when managed and implemented correctly. Investment is required around tool sets, environments and maintainability. Without continuous investment, automated regression testing often gets needlessly shelved.

For many, test automation can be difficult to understand but with our guidance and implementation experience, let test automation be a positive experience for you.