Abcedo Technologies | Performance Testing
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Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing of applications is critical. Companies that understand how to deploy high performing applications can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Irreparable damage can be done to reputations of those who choose to ignore the importance of performance testing.

Abcedo Technologies utilize performance test tools to load an application based on models of real life usage. While the tests are executing, key performance indicators capture attributes such as CPU Usage, Database Times and Response Times are captured and logged. Plotting and interpreting the results is as important as the performance test execution itself. Very often other teams such as Development, Database Administrators and Server Administrations are involved in the analyses of the results and drawing of conclusions.


People use the internet for speed and convenience, 24/7. They are not patient and they will make snap decisions. Your site must consistently perform to meet your customer’s needs or they will go elsewhere.

It is no longer enough to make sure your website is available 24/7 – it needs to be functioning correctly and providing acceptable response times at all times. Monitor your website’s performance and spot any potential issues before your customer does using our SiteBeat solution.