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About Us

Welcome to Abcedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Founded in 2007, Abcedo Technologies Pvt Ltd has quickly built up a very strong reputation as the indias Best service provider of software testing solutions, Now Abcedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is CMMI level 3 company.

Abcedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Ravee Gupta and Ritu Anoop Soni both having a wealth of experience in the industry and a proven track record of delivering excellence. Following 10 years of continued growth, this has accelerated the growth of the business.

We innovate and provide new offerings to support the requirements of our customers and to meet market trends. In 2013 we launched a new division, Digital Test Hub, to provide low-cost on demand services – the first of its kind in the india. This has been very well received by the market and this is the fastest growing area of our business. In 2017, based on the success of the first, a second Digital Test Hub was opened in Mumbai.

Our own Abcedo Academy was established in 2013 to address testing resource shortfalls, offering a strategic alternative to contract resource. The Academy, which recruits and trains Software Testers and offers graduates, school leavers and career changers an opportunity in IT, has so far introduced over 600 newcomers into the industry.